I love pretty much everything Back to the Future-related. I’ve lost a lot of friends over my devout belief that Back to the Future III (aka, “The Western”) is an overlooked classic, and I have fond memories of the Back to the Future cartoon that starred Doc’s awful children, Jules and Verne. So part of my can barely handle this new game trailer for the upcoming Back to the Future videogame, which lovingly recreates the look of the movies (right down to Marty’s red vest) and features the voice of Christopher Freaking Lloyd, returning to his iconic role as Doc Brown. Unfortunately, Michael J. Fox wasn’t on hand to offer his voice, although at least in the preview, replacement A.J. LoCascio gives pretty good McFly. Check out the video:

Of course, one thing this trailer doesn’t feature is any indication of, you know, how you actually play the game. Apparently, BttF: The Game is a graphic adventure that will be released in five parts on PC, Mac, PS3, and iPad. I’m always skeptical about licensed videogames that turn into “graphic adventures” (heck, I’m just plain skeptical about licensed videogames, period), but developer Telltale Games worked on the well-received Sam & Max series, so this could be a winner. What do you think, PopWatchers? Does your excitement rate in the upper or lower jigowatts?

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