Image Credit: Stan Osolinski/Getty ImagesMozilla Firefox finally wants you to know that firefoxes actually do exist — they’re red pandas — and have come up with the cutest way to show off the inspiration behind their mascot… while getting you to download a software upgrade.

Head over to, and you can view a 24-hour stream of the red panda cubs, along with their parents and aunt, going about their days at the Knoxville Zoo in Knoxville, Tenn. The frolic cam is the most entertaining, but if the cubs begin looking bored, there’s a solution: You can to download the latest Mozilla Firefox update. If enough people download the upgrade, the firefoxes get a jungle gym for playtime. How cute would that be?

After you’ve downloaded the upgrade, you can click around the site, learning about the endangered species and how to support both the Knoxville Zoo and red pandas in the wild, through an Adopt a Panda program in Nepal and India. You can even follow the action on Twitter at the @cubcaretaker handle. Warm fuzzies for your Friday afternoon! I wonder how PopWatch can adopt an animal mascot, and which one we should choose.

Have you visited the firefox-cams yet, PopWatchers? Do you think they’re cuter than the puppy cams I’ve grown so used to?