Image Credit: Everett CollectionJonah Hill co-wrote the script for the upcoming film remake of 21 Jump Street, Channing Tatum has just joined the cast, and Johnny Depp is on the record saying that he’s not opposed to making a cameo. Back in February, he told EW, “I’m hoping they’ll let me do a cameo. Someone will say, ‘Whatever happened to Tom Hanson?’ and they’ll find me somewhere hoarding jars of peanut butter and shaking in my underpants.” I know that Hill would be thrilled if Depp made a brief bow in his film, but I have to ask: Would a quick nod to 21JS nostalgia and Depp’s humble history be enough?

Though Depp himself toyed with the idea of resurrecting his Tom Hanson character, might it be better if he played an entirely different character in the remake? It’s funny to think of Hanson “hoarding jars of peanut butter,” but it’s also a little sad to those who grew up loving the original show. Wouldn’t it be more fun if Depp appeared as an addled English teacher with a meth habit, or a Wooderson-like hanger-on who’s too cool (and old) for school, or the school janitor who knows where all the bodies are buried? Or is it Hanson or nothing? Vote below and be counted.

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