Sean Young is certainly letting it all hang out in prime time these days. First, she became one of six participants on ABC’s Skating With the Stars, and now she’s serving as an inaugural guinea pig in Celebrity Life Coach, a backdoor pilot that will air on the Biography Channel this evening at 10 p.m. ET/PT. In this one-hour special from Endemol USA, life coach Lauren Zander works with Young, whose career hit a serious wall after her good work in ’80s films like Blade Runner and No Way Out.

“The tabloids had a field day,” the A&E press release reads. “With Lauren’s help, can Sean stop her self-defeating behaviors and make it back to Hollywood?

Now there’s a question for the ages. In this clip, Young attempts to mend fences by placing calls to certain Hollywood directors. (Yikes). If the special scores well enough in the ratings, Bio may pick up the show to series.