By Brad Wete
Updated December 01, 2010 at 08:29 PM EST
Kevin Mazur/

Boyz II Men have found themselves in a bit of controversy after their performance last night at NBC’s annual Christmas in Rockfeller Center tree-lighting special. The trio sang the holiday classic “This Christmas” without a problem. But after their set the next act, singer Charice, was introduced, and Boyz II Men’s melodies began to play again. Oops. But after watching the clip again, it appears that the only vocals that played were their background ones, which is common and doesn’t mean they lip-synced the entire way.

Also, if you listen closely during their performance, you’ll hear that their microphones are on. When Shawn Stockman claps his hands, the muffled beat on the mic is audible. So what do you think, Mixers? Did one of the most successful groups of our time try to pull the wool over our ears last night? Or did some sound guy at NBC just make a mistake? Check out the incident here and sound off in the comments.

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