November 30, 2010 at 11:00 PM EST

Image Credit: DisneyLast night, 28 of my closest Facebook friends (I barely know most of them) changed their profile pictures to cartoon characters, according to my news feed. After a quick Google search, I’ve concluded that the madness can be attributed to one of the following: 1) To show your support for the fight against child abuse because someone out there on the internets said it would make a difference. (As one of my friends posted: “Change your profile picture to a cartoon character for da month to make a stand against child abuse! Keep it gooooin’!!!!”) (Um, I mean former friends.) 2) To get all the photos of ugly people off of Facebook. Or 3) To honor your childhood.

Regardless of the reason for the meme — all are good causes, especially No. 2 — I was game. 

Shockingly, the decision wasn’t as hard as I had anticipated. I immediately weeded out every Disney princess — because unless we’re talking about their hair, they’re not all that interesting. I wanted an unsung hero of the cartoon world, a side player worthy of lauding.

I briefly considered choosing Miss Miller from Alvin and the Chipmunks because we share a similar love for blush, and I’ve wanted a pink car like hers for more than two decades. But she wears blue eye shadow. Unforgivable. The clear best choice was Lucifer from Cinderella, who taught me when I was a tot that it’s important to smile when I screw people over. Plus, how awesome is his kitty dance?

The deadline to replace your profile picture with one of your favorite cartoon is apparently today. But it’s a meme. We can make this go on forever if we choose, PopWatchers. So tell me: Have you gotten into the action? And which cartoon did you choose?

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