By Margaret Lyons
Updated November 29, 2010 at 05:42 PM EST

Image Credit: Donna Svennevik/ABCBarbara Walters has revealed eight of the 10 people on her Most Fascinating list, and as usual, it’s a puzzling mix. The list includes:

Justin Bieber: I really hope he sings a version of “Baby” in which he replaces the word “baby” with “Barbara.” Barbara, Barbara, Barbara, oooooh! That would indeed fascinate me.

Sandra Bullock: Agree! The whole first half of 2010 was Sandra Bullock time. Also, everyone loves her.

LeBron James: Was that ESPN special “fascinating” to you?

Jennifer Lopez: Hm.

Kate Middleton: Agree. A new, real-life princess. How fascinating.

Sarah Palin: This is her third year in a row on the list. For someone who despises the “mainstream media,” she sure gets a lot of coverage.

Betty White: It might seem like ages ago that Betty White hosted Saturday Night Live, but that was technically this year!

The cast of The Jersey Shore: Oy.

Usually ABC reveals nine people before the show airs, leaving just the numero uno most fascinating person a mystery, but I guess this year they want to build extra intrigue into the Dec. 9 airing.

So who does that leave us with?

I’d be shocked if neither Barack nor Michelle Obama made the list — she won last year, he won the year before — but stranger things have happened. (For example, the cast of The Jersey Shore making it.) Lady Gaga was one of the chosen few last year, and I’m not sure that enough has changed for her to make the list again. Mark Zuckerberg seems like a solid choice, given that he’s never made the cut and interest in the Facebook CEO (bitch) has never been higher. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kim Kardashian made this list, strictly based on the number of magazine covers she was on this year, though I’d rather see James Franco on the show, even if he has yet to release a Franco-branded debit card. Finally, either Ryan Murphy or the entire cast of Glee seems like a gimme.

You know the drill, PopWatchers: Who’s your most fascinating person of 2010? And what do you think of Barbara Walters’ choices so far? Who are your guesses for the other to spots on the list?

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