By Clark Collis
Updated November 29, 2010 at 12:00 PM EST

Image Credit: Tina Gill/PR PhotosWriter-director Adam Green has told EW that his controversial horror movie Hatchet II will be available through video on demand on Time Warner and Comcast systems, starting December 1. “I just found out last week,” said Green, who also directed the original 2006 Hatchet and this year’s Frozen. “And not only is it going to be available on demand, but it’s the actual unedited, uncensored movie that was exactly what was going to be in theaters.”

Green’s slasher sequel — in which horror icon Kane Hodder plays a deformed, swamp-dwelling serial killer named Victor Crowley — was released unrated by the AMC theater chain on October 1, after the MPAA annoyed Green by giving the film NC-17. But AMC pulled Hatchet II from screens after just a couple of days. The chain subsequently issued a statement saying, “We review all films in all of our theaters every week and then make our business decisions based on their performance.” At the time, Green told EW he believed AMC had become alarmed by the Internet controversy provoked by his criticisms of the MPAA, which included his description of them as “evil.” The director also said that the situation had left him “bewildered and confused” and that he had “lost 11 pounds in the last week from stress.”

It was a much more cheerful-sounding Green who contacted EW earlier today to reveal that his film is being granted a second release on VOD. “I’m just happy the movie is finally coming out,” he said. “The audiences that I got to go and see it with were cheering and laughing. That’s what I’ve got to focus on. I can’t worry about the fact that the movie got pulled for ridiculous reasons.”

Green revealed that he has yet to receive any direct word from AMC about why they yanked his film from screens. “All we saw was the statement that was released publicly that just said the movie wasn’t performing,” he said. “But that makes no sense. First of all, it started being pulled on its first day. And what other movie is pulled on its first weekend? Especially an independent movie that’s part of a program called AMC Independent? Isn’t the whole point that you’re going to need word of mouth and time to have the audience find it?”

Since the fiasco of the truncated Hatchet II theatrical release, Green has been busy completing his horror anthology Chillerama and writing a children’s film in the style of Goonies and Monster Squad. He is also about to start filming a web series about “two angels from heaven that are hot, scantily-clad women who battle the monsters in children’s closets and under their bed.”

“It was great to be so busy on other things and not have to sit and get angry about Hatchet II,” he said. “My biggest problem is now everyone’s like, ‘Oh, the movie that was yanked from theaters!’ And then they’re going to see it and they’re going to be like, ‘What?’ Because it should have had an R rating, and that was our point the whole time. I don’t want people to be expecting Antichrist or Irreversible or something I like that. I mean, it’s a funny slasher movie. It’s Hatchet II!”

Finally, Green said he believed the world had not heard the last of his misshapen villain, who the director originally dreamed up while attending summer camp as a child: “I’m sure there will be a Hatchet III eventually, and I’ll be involved in some way. I’m not there right now, I’m doing other things. But Victor Crowley will live on!”

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