30 Rock

How will Jack stay in the good graces of the suits at Kabletown, which just acquired GE Sheinhardt NBC Universal (coincidentally as Comcast takes over the real NBC)? With the secret weapon known as Sherri Shepherd, of course! After the midseason break, she’ll return to 30 Rock as Tracy’s wife, Angie, who stars in her own suspiciously Real Housewives-esque reality show. “Jack realizes she has all the attributes for a reality show,” exec producer Robert Carlock says. “And Liz, in spite of herself, is saying, ‘Yeah, I would watch that.'” Jack’s also got another network-exec innovation up his sleeve, too: a star-studded disaster relief benefit. For, of course, a disaster that’s yet to happen. “Jack has this idea that the highest-rated reality events are celebrity disaster relief benefits,” Carlock says, “so he decides to pre-tape one and beat the other networks to the punch.”

We’ll also meet Jack’s new Kabletown boss, though he’s yet to be cast. Any ideas?

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