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November 26, 2010 at 02:00 PM EST
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Over the course of season 11, Jamie Lee Curtis, dubbed Enthusiastic Activia Lady by reader Hez on Week 8, gradually blossomed into my favorite studio audience member ever. She was so reliably benign, always gazing up at Tom Bergeron in admiration (of their shared haircut) with her noggin cocked 55 degrees to the right. EAL was there every week this fall to support her BFF Jennifer Grey. Let her NOT SO HIDDEN gem of a homemade bracelet — comprised of multicolored entrance wristbands from the entire season — tell you. You don’t even need to talk to her! Enthusiastic Activia Lady will just hold that pom pon of experience up in your face. I don’t know how this turned all sassy all of a sudden. I must just be hurting right now. Congratulations to Jennifer and all, but I’m really going to miss Jamie Lee Curtis on Dancing With the Stars.

The point is, despite having turned down DWTS in the past, JLC/EAL is practically begging for coach to put her in the game already. She’s become a ballroom staple! Do you want to see her as a contestant in season 12? After the jump, I’ve compiled all of EAL’s best season 11 moments for your consideration. This non-contestant has had quite a journey!


Week 1:

“Jamie Lee Curtis looking at Tom ever-so-admirably while he introduced Jennifer’s package. Plus they have the same haircut!” –kt, endorsed by gigi, orville, and Pumpkin Pies

“Like she’s thinking maybe he’ll be introducing me up there someday…” –JH

“She was always in good lighting compared to the rest of the audience, like an angel — a stalker, angel-y twin of Tom Bergeron.” –Manda

Week 7:

Front-row staple Jamie Lee Curtis was absent at one point (perhaps off to reap the benefits of having taken the Activia challenge), but then during Brandy and Maks’ dance, she had to recoil when they got too close to the edge. –CoolWhipLite, Aggie, Anna Banana, Julia, Lisa Simpson, Lorie, avab, Justin K, jamie0415, LDS

Week 8:

“I think Jamie Lee Curtis has surpassed ECL (Enthusiastic Chimes Lady) as the most enthusiastic on DWTS. EAL! (Enthusiastic Activia Lady)” –Hez, endorsed by duranmom, jasmine, Verity, avab, Julia, LAG Award Winner, Manda, SueB, Zach

The Semifinals:

“Enthusiastic Activia Lady gave Monica a b**** glare with just the slightest hint of a forced smile.” –Stephanie, endorsed by Anonymous

“For the second week in a row, Jennifer Grey’s husband, Clark Gregg, did not applaud after Bristol’s dance. This week he stood clasping his hands, next to Jamie Lee Curtis who WAS clapping for Bristol & Mark’s waltz.” –Mgssoprano, endorsed by DWTS’ BIGGEST FAN

“When Jamie Lee Curtis had her hands over her mouth, it looked like she either saw Michael Myers in the audience or that she had eaten too much Activia!” –Baby’s Corner, endorsed by Patrycja

The finals:

“Enthusiastic Activia Lady throwing gang/surfer(?) signs after Jennifer’s paso.” –kt

“According to an email from my mom, ‘Melanie Griffith’s mouth looks like it’s in a different spot on her face.” –’s Fringe Fairy

“Jamie Lee Curtis looking like she was about to bite her fingers off to keep from having an Activia moment after Jennifer’s dance.” –GS, endorsed by Carmella, kahuna, duranmom, Manda

“HG (my first): what about EAL and Melanie Griffith pushing Jennifer away when she came to give them a hug after her dance? AWKWARD!!” –chicachico

Best EAL Gem of the Season!

“EAL was wearing all of her wristbands from the season! On the same wrist!” –A, endorsed by Enthusiastic Comment Lady, Marc, and’s Activia Fairy

Want to see Enthusiastic Activia Lady as a contestant on season 12, or do you just wish she would stay in the audience, charming us with her yogurt and benign ways, until the end of time?

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