By Ken Tucker
November 25, 2010 at 02:22 PM EST
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Happy Thanksgiving! Here are a few things TV watchers can be thankful for:

1. Tonight’s TV special, Taylor Swift: Speak Now. Sure, it’s mostly a promotional hour plugging her new album, but like everything else Taylor Swift does, it’s both commercial and charming, shrewd and clever. It includes everything from musical performances to taking trips with Taylor to a Target store to buy her own album (added bonus: no Kristen Wiig guest appearance as an annoying Target check-out line employee):

2. A new Fringe episode. Yeah, okay, it’s not until next Thursday, but you can watch the past three episodes on Hulu now, this weekend, to prepare for Dec. 2’s big, climactic, things-really-change episode, “Entrada,” in which the two Olivias will make desperation moves, a character will die, and Walter coins a new phrase for female wiliness that’s sure to sweep the nation.

3. No more twice-weekly Bristol Palin. Yay: Dancing with the Stars is over! No more Bristol Palin stumping around on a dance floor and off, being unavoidable even to those of us who avoid DWTS, bleeding into the lame-stream media with talking points similar to those of her mother, asserting that people should vote for her because she’s “relatable.” Sorry: Tom Bergeron and my uncle Frank are “relatable”; you, Bristol, need to recede into the bosom of your Alaskan family, dunk your tootsies in some Epsom salts, and clam up for a while.

4. A new Walking Dead on Sunday. After all the cuddly cartoon and gooey Hallmark TV-movies, what a relief it will be to tune in to the penultimate episode of The Walking Dead. I’ve seen it, and this one’s real good, perhaps the best edition to date for the way it contains a good balance between the human-interest, survivors-banding-together stories (we learn more about key characters’ backgrounds) and some superb zombies chomping into flesh action sequences.

Just the sort of thing to top off a weekend of Thanksgiving consuming.

What will you be watching this weekend?

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