By Mandi Bierly
Updated November 25, 2010 at 02:00 PM EST


What’s the most interesting item on your Thanksgiving menu? Go ahead and tell us, but we’re 99.9 percent sure MythBusters co-host Jamie Hyneman has you beat. Read on for what he’s got cooking. And should you be in the market for a TV marathon today, Discovery’s serving up 11 hours of MythBusters, starting at 9 a.m. ET, leading into Punkin Chunkin 2010, the special on the annual Punkin Chunkin World Championships (think pumpkins as projectiles) hosted by Hyneman and cohort Adam Savage, at 8 p.m. ET. (Watch a preview below.)

Thanksgiving, ‘MythBusters’ style

by Jamie Hyneman

On occasion, we at MythBusters come across stories we want to test that require using a pig carcass to simulate human physiology. The last time we did this was connected to a CSI episode that involved a man who police officers attempted to subdue with pepper spray. The pepper spray was not sufficient, so they Tased him, which ignited the pepper spray and he was killed.

We replicated this situation on MythBusters with a suckling pig carcass, as it will conduct Taser electricity in a way similar to a human. The test was done eight months ago, and the suckling pig has been sitting in the walk-in freezer at MythBusters (yes, we have a walk-in freezer!) ever since.

Now I’m not a vegetarian, but I really don’t like the idea of slaughtering animals to make a TV show. So a long time ago, I started insisting that we eat any dead animals we use on the show. (This pig, like the others we’ve used on MythBusters, was purchased at a butcher shop.)

Image Credit: Discovery ChannelTo that end, this Thanksgiving I am having family over, and we are going to roast that pig over an open fire. It takes a good long day, so you have to start it early in the morning. And to get the job done right, I’ve put together a motorized spit which mounts over a fire I’ll build in a shallow pit outside. You really need a motor, because it won’t be as likely to burn if it is constantly turning, and you don’t want to have to sit next to a smoky fire cranking for 12 hours.

If I do it right, it’ll be the best pork I’ll ever have. Plus, I figure that the pepper spray should give it a nice spice. Pepper spray, a Taser, a suckling pig and a self-built motorized spit. It’s a perfect Thanksgiving, MythBusters-style.