Kanye West’s sold-out show at the Bowery Ballroom last night was more than just a jam-packed concert — it was also a chance for the megawatt rapper to deliver an impassioned monologue on his reputation, the continued fallout from the Taylor Swift kerfuffle, and the recent rehash of his comments that George W. Bush doesn’t care about black people. “I always felt like I could do anything, but now I feel so fearless — after the year I had … to come back and do 100,000 the first day digital alone, to be slated to do 600,000 in the first week … but what that number says is that people want me to keep making music.” Check out the entire speech below: [contains a bunch of NSFW language]

“If you’re a real artist, have no fear. Say what the f— you want, do what you want, make what you want, and if it’s meant to be, then people will stand up, like the people stood up for me this week,” he says.

In an era where we generally love the idea that “celebs” are “just like us,” it’s moments like this that remind me why I hope that isn’t true: I don’t want rock stars who are just like me. I want stars like this, artists who can deliver seemingly impromptu prose poems about American celebrity, sell out concerts in 40 seconds, and jump from media myth-building to model-worshiping in the span of, oh, a minute.

Okay, Music Mixers, we’ll have a full run-down of Kanye’s show later today, but in the mean time, what did you think about his speech? And how are you feeling about My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy?

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