''The Social Network'' star will next be heard as the voice of Boo Boo Bear in ''Yogi Bear,'' but first, he fills us in on what he's listening to right now.

Credit: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic.com

Drake ”The Resistance” ”What he reminds me of is what I grew up loving about hip-hop, which is grooves. It?s like if Tribe Called Quest was still making music.”

Ray LaMontagne ”Jolene” ”It reminds me of a ? character from, like, [1980 John Travolta movie] Urban Cowboy. It reminds me of Tennessee and how tough the guys are where I grew up.”

Radiohead In Rainbows ”I really loved [the whole album]. Maybe it?s just where my head was the time it came out, but every song on that record is f-?-?-ing so good. ”House of Cards” might be my favorite. My mom and dad loved Roger Waters; Thom Yorke is my Roger Waters.”

Prince ”Head” ”I?ve been listening to it recently. That dude. If there is a God, Prince has him on speed dial.”

Donny Hathaway ”Jealous Guy” ”It?s on the Donny Hathaway Live CD. Just go listen to it. It?s one of the coolest covers. It?s a whole other thing. It?s so soulful; it?s such a crazy great rendition of that song. It sounds like he played it in a juke joint with, like, 200 people.”