Contrary to internet speculation, Anna Faris has not joined Ghostbusters 3, her rep tells EW. And the rumor that Bill Hader and Will Forte will be the next generation of stream-crossers is currently nothing more than that. But just because this long-awaited sequel still lacks its fresh, younger cast, an official start date, or even a greenlit script, there’s no reason fans who grew up wearing plastic proton packs can’t still get excited about the future of the franchise. Let’s help sort this out: Bill Murray has joked (?) that he’ll eventually sign on, as long as his character gets killed off in the first reel. But as funny as his demise was in Zombieland, I’m not sure I care for a Ghostbusters without a full serving of Dr. Peter Venkman. As far as casting the Ghostbuster newbies who can take the franchise forward, I think Sony could do a lot worse than Bill Hader, who seems to share a lot of comic DNA with Dan Aykroyd. (Sorry, MacGruber.) In fact, I’d team Hader with Jason Sudeikis and Will Ferrell for a killer SNL-bred trio who could match the chemistry of the original gang.

Was that so hard? Let’s start shooting this thing Friday.

If Sony insists on handing off the original Ghostbusters to a new generation, who you gonna call? What actors (or actresses) would look good with a little ectoplasm on their shirt?

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