By Michael Slezak
Updated November 24, 2010 at 05:50 PM EST

What can I say? I’m starting to get a case of the tinglies (mixed with an equal dose of the nameless dreads) about American Idol‘s upcoming tenth season. THE PREMIERE IS ONLY 55 DAYS AWAY. And Fox’s brand-new 30-second promo — featuring several aspiring singers who now have an approximately 1-in-500 chance of being played on my iPod on repeat loop before the end of 2011 — is contributing to my excitement. Oddly enough, all five quotes here from said prospective Idols (I’m not counting the one from a contestant’s mom) accurately reflect my feelings about the season 10 premiere*. I am being totally serious. You know I don’t joke about Idol. Let’s review: “It really does mean everything to me.” “I need this so bad.” “I have to really make sure that I’m on my game.” “No matter what happens today, it’s the biggest day of my life.” “This is it.”

See what I mean? After the jump, check out the promo for yourself, then take our handy PopWatch poll and tell us which contestant sentiment best sums up your feelings about season 10.

(*These statements could also be coming from A) participants in The Hunger Games; B) Powerball ticket-holders; C) My ravenous family, wondering who’s going to quit pretending to be polite and make the first move on this year’s Thanksgiving feast.