By Margaret Lyons
Updated November 23, 2010 at 07:56 PM EST

Image Credit: Koi Sojer/PR Photos; Chris Hatcher/PR Photos; Thimali KodikaraTrue Blood casting! Three new ladies are joining the cast of everyone’s favorite summertime vamp soap: HBO confirms that Janina Gavankar will be a regular on the show come 2011, and Alexandra Breckenridge and Vedette Lim will be recurring; Jessica Tuck, who plays the head vampire spokeswoman, has been bumped up to a regular, too.

Gavankar, who will always be Shiva from The League to me, is going to play a teacher/shape-shifter, I guess to keep Sam company. Breckenridge, who was great as the pouty Willa on Dirt (why am I the only one who loved that show?), will be a Wiccan, and Lim will a cage fighter, according to Deadline. Is cage fighter now a mythical being? No one tell Ryan from The O.C..

Great, just what True Blood needs: more characters. Remember, only about a month has transpired in Bon Temps time since the beginning of the series. In three seasons! How about focusing in on the two dozen characters already in the mix, TB? Although, in fairness, who can resist the narrative tugs of more shapeshifters and cage fighters?

I’m still a little bitter about how rushed the end of last season was — fairies and werepanthers? whua? — but maybe these new characters will help give the existing characters a little perspective and context.

Thoughts, PopWatchers? Are you looking forward to the new season, which is about to start shooting, or are you still getting caught up?

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