The Bachelor‘s Brad Womack, the man who notoriously rejected both finalists, wants another chance at love and lucky for him (and us?), ABC is more than willing to make that happen. But are the single women of America ready to forgive and forget? Not exactly. ABC’s new promo for the upcoming season reveals that the emotional wounds Brad inflicted on our hearts back in 2007 still haven’t quite healed. Acting on behalf of jilted women everywhere, one of his potential soul-mates-to-be left her mark — and possibly a hand print — during their in-no-way-rehearsed introduction. Check it out below.

With all the rumors swirling around Brad’s possible return to rose ceremonies, rose lovers everywhere had one question: When, exactly, did these bachelorettes learn that they’d be taking their “journey” toward “love” with Bad Brad? “The women did not know for sure until they got out of the limo,” said an ABC executive in an email to “The rumors about Brad were out there and some of the girls had seen them and were prepared for Brad but for a majority of them, it was a surprise.” According to the exec, the initial rumors about Brad’s return originated from a tweet by similarly loathed Bachelorette contestant Wes Hayden, further evidence that The Bachelor is an incredibly twisted, incestuous family.

Would a slap be your greeting of choice if you were ever to meet Brad, or would you go straight for the sucker punch to the solar plexus? And how excited does this slap-happy promo make you for the new season: Very excited, or very, very, very excited?

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