Image Credit: Everett CollectionJoss Whedon has already spoken out about plans for an upcoming Buffy the Vampire slayer remake, and now Kristy Swanson, the first woman who first brought the vamp-killing heroine to life on the big screen, also has something to say about it: “Let Buffy live. Why not?”

“If they wanted me to be a part of it, I think that would be fantastic and that it would be a blast,” she tells EW.

Swanson was 22 when she first stepped into the role that would be transformed by Sarah Michelle Gellar seven years later, and she remembers that her first reaction to the new take on the character was, in fact, positive. (“It was a whole new idea, a whole new look,” she says.) And she believes a transformation can happen again — even without its original maker. “There are die-hard Joss Whedon fans who absolutely love him to death, and rightly so. He’s a brilliant man, no doubt,” she says. “I love everything Buffy. I don’t care who’s doing it.”

Swanson’s co-star, Luke Perry said via his rep that he has no comment on the project.