Studies have shown that Hidden Gems of the Week,’s collection of reader-submitted ridiculata, is the best way to enjoy Dancing With the Stars without ever having to turn it on. It’s a visual feast of sparkles, fringe, and flesh. Ready to go down the rabbit hole? Behold this bountiful smattering of Visible Gems!

MVG (MOST VALUABLE GEM): Let’s hear it for sporadically commenting husbands!

“As Bristol ‘danced’ her jive, my husband (oblivious to all things Mirrorballus) glanced up from the book he had buried his nose in, took in about 5 seconds, then blandly said ‘she looks like she’s dancing in Jell-O or something.’ Nose back in book. Couldn’t have said it better myself.” —juliagoolia, endorsed by avab, orville, sjcb, jodipo

I’m sorry that Jell-O looks like innards or something. I thought it kind of looked like jewels, but it’s week 10 and I’ve gone almost completely insane. What you’re really seeing is a multi-faceted cross-section of my brain!

After the jump, a special Hidden Gems welcome from Tom Bergeron. You’re not even ready for this. Are you ready? Go!

He wears his seat belt! Stars: They’re just like us!

“Right at the beginning, when Brooke was standing just so, the big screen behind her with the mirrorball sparkles looked like a glitzy hat to compliment her mirrorball dress.” —JH, endorsed by Heather, Manda, Enthusiastic Comment Lady

“I thought she only won one mirrorball trophy, but it looked like she had a couple of them stuffed in the top of her dress.” —tkemoses, endorsed by Anna, avab, duranmom, glenn

“ECL went from non-speaking, smiling extra in backgound to cameo performer. She give herself a line like, ‘Okay now!‘” —LAG Award Winner, endorsed by orville, Diana

“I’m trying to decide whether IMTP’s (Impeccably Manicured Trumpet Player) nail color is Essie’s Ballet Slippers or Mademoiselle….” —Sue B, endorsed by Daphne

“ECL doing *BIG* arms pointing to “You” & “You” & “You” in the audience. It even looked like she was mouthing ‘You’ every time she pointed; boy was she fired up last night!!!” —Heather A, endorsed by Verity

“Oh, and did anyone else ‘see’ no spotlight on Princess Sparkle during the band’s acknowledgement? Was there an eclipse on Planet Mirrorballus?” —LAG Award Winner

“I love the old man behind Carrie Ann’s shoulder. He is just pissed at life.” —CoolWhipLite, endorsed by Cindy, avab

“Mr. Miyagi is sitting behind the judges to the left of Carrie Ann, teaching the young grasshoppers of Planet Mirrorballous how to wax on and wax off.” —Liz

“Carrie Anne kept putting her arms around Len during Bruno’s critiques, maybe she always does this but it’s the first time I’ve noticed it.” —Laura

“Those mirrorball graphics behind Tom when he comes back from commercial…what’s at the bottom of them? I think they’re going for “handle” or something like it, but it just looks like a melting icicle instead.”–orville

“Derek started his warm-up hops coming down the stairs tonight” —MLM

“Love Len! I had an Awwww moment when Len gave Kyle a kiss on the back of his head when he did his steps well.” —pancake, endorsed by Stephanie, Heather

“Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth in the audience???????” —avab, endorsed by Karl (“Seriously? Her FULL name?!”), Jeremy, Jen, tina, Diana, duranmom, CoolWhipLite, gigi, and Alex (“Reality TV sorceress Omarosa or what seemed like her evil twin invading Planet Mirrorballus.”)

“During Kyle’s rehearsal footage for his first dance, they kept alternating between blurring out Kyle’s TEAM PLAYER shirt and then keeping it intact pretty much every other shot.” —Cindy, endorsed by sjcb, Kiwi, tina, Lisa Simpson, JH, Zach, Jamie0415 , and Verity: “I like that instead of just blurring it out they created a giant floating red block that hovered over it.”

“Whenever they show rehearsal footage I have been distracted by the intermittent foliage distributed throughout the otherwise rather stark, brightly colored spaces. This week a coy ficus tree peered around the corner in a doorway during Kyle and Lacey’s segment.” —kfran

“I don’t understand the big curtain hiding the band during Kyle and Lacey’s foxtrot. Why would you want to hide the glory that is Enthusiastic Chimes Lady, Under-Enthusiastic Bongos Guy, Princess Sparkle, Thoroughly Professional Violinist, and Impeccably Manicured Trumpet Player?” —kt, endorsed by jasmine and Julia: “It’s because they are HIDDEN gems tonight!”

“Anyone see when they cut to the judges after Kyle’s foxtrot the disembodied fingers splayed in a ’10’ in the foreground?” —LAG Award Winner, endorsed by Jamie0415

“Did Kyle just point at Bristol as the reason why it was the Most Talked About Finale Ever?” –jinx by Julia and Verity, endorsed by Kristen

“When Brooke was interviewing Kyle and Lacey in the celebquarium after their first dance, a nosey lady in the audience to the right of Brooke kept turning around and staring in. Doesn’t she know that commoners are forbidden in the celebquarium?” —glenn

“Derek and Mark were like the devil and angel on Kyle’s shoulders” —Debra, endorsed by iggy (for Bristol)

“Was Jennifer Grey trying to bite Bristol’s ear off? Messing with her head–NICE.” –-Amy in Pittsburgh, endorsed by CoolWhipLite, Neko, sue, JH, nikki, glenn, Alex

“Whoa…did Bruno really need a belt to hold up those ultra-tight skinny jeans??” —CoolWhipLite

“Bruno’s overly revealing shirt that needed probably one more button.” —Alex, endorsed by chicachico, Jamie0415

“Bristol’s dad sitting in the row behind her mom” —J, endorsed by MLM (“I think the EAL entourage grew so much this week, with Melanie Griffith, et al, that they ran out of front row seats.”)

“The man with the Palin camp in the red sweater/white pants reminded me of Bobby Knight. Apparently, the judges had to overscore Bristol for the sake of safety, or he might have started throwing chairs!” —JH, endorsed by gigi

“Jerry Van Dyke was sitting with the Palin clan. He was looking festive in an orange or red sweater.” —Alexei

“I have no idea who the woman with Sarah Palin is, but she looks ever so slightly like Nancy Pelosi. And after all the political hulabaloo with this show lately it would’ve been so funny for them to be seen together clapping and smiling! Like cats and dogs getting along! Chaos!” —abby

“Post-scoring, wipes his brow and then looks into his hand. Possibly to verify that his sweat does indeed turn into shiny gems?” —Kevin M. Kawa, endorsed by Daphne

“When Mark & Bristol were in the little box waiting for their scores, Mark’s head was perfectly centered between two drapery panels on the balcony. It made him look like he had a pointy head and a little like Ed Grimley.” —Jen

“Not So Hidden Gem: Carrie Ann’s Peter Pan costume during her session with Jennifer. It needs to be in OK Magazine next to Mary Martin to see who wore it better.” —Liz

“Jennifer’s paso lights made me think of the trailer for the Tron sequel.” —dr zoid, endorsed by (Deceased) Big Joe, Lisa Simpson

“During Derek and Jennifer’s paso, during one of their dramatic mid-dance pauses, Derek had his face right on Jennifer’s boob…and at the end of the dance, could his crotch be any closer to her face (asked Chandler Bing…)? You could do a whole hidden gems of just Derek inappropriately touching Jennifer.” —Debra

“Literal hidden gems: Derek’s nipples? A student of the Tony Dovolani school of dance wardrobe?” —Amy in Pittsburgh

“Enthusiastic Activia Lady throwing gang/surfer(?) signs after Jennifer’s paso.” —kt

“Is that Candy Spelling or Melanie Griffith?” —abfab, endorsed by avab, Manda

“haha. My dad looked up and said ‘that’s Melanie Griffith? She looks like she lost the prize fight.’” —mark, endorsed by Amanda

“According to an email from my mom, ‘Melanie Griffith’s mouth looks like it’s in a different spot on her face.” —’s Fringe Fairy

“Jamie Lee Curtis looking like she was about to bite her fingers off to keep from having an Activia moment after Jennifer’s dance.” —GS, endorsed by Carmella, kahuna, duranmom, Manda

“While Carrie was praising Jen and Derek’s dance like crazy, Bruno just sat there with a ‘…’ look and waved his hand in confusion, even though a minute later he praised the dance like it was the best thing ever like the other judges.” —Cindy, endorsed by CoolWhipLite, iggy, kellen, Lettie, sparkly

“Jennifer’s daughter was so excited, she even cupped her hands around her mouth to scream louder.” —Laura

“After Bruno’s “sultry Seville” comment, Jennifer’s husband looked…uncomfortable;” —Baby’s Corner

“She must have been jealous of Tom and EAL all season because Carrie Ann had her very own doppelganger sitting behind her after Jen’s paso” —MLM

“After Jen & Derek’s dance, they were walking up the steps and Jen had her hands up for high-fives from the audience, but no one gave her any!!” —Hidden Gem Virgin, endorsed by Deborah

“Jennifer kissing Brooke’s shoulder in a weird moment of affection. Is there something you girls want to share with us?” —Anthony, endorsed by Jen, nikki, glenn

“Derek enjoyed it. And then as they were walking away Jen wiped it off” —Manda

“After Jennifer and Derek got their scores, there was a woman over Tom’s shoulder pulling her hair straight up into a ponytail, completely oblivious to the fact she was on TV…classy!” —kt, endorsed by JH, A

“Coming back from commercial (before Jennifer got her paso scores), a little boy to the right of the screen was the only person in the audience not clapping — until his mother gave him a firm-but-subtle shoulder nudge, and he burst into (stoic) applause.” —Michael Slezak, endorsed by Team Baby Derek, Stephanie, glenn, MC, Carrie F

“There was a shot of Rainbow Bright in the audience behind Tom’s right shoulder after the commercial break that started the freestyle round. As a child of the ’80s it made me happy that Rainbow has aged so well!” —Mrs. Bergeron

“The blond woman in the front row looked like she was wearing an ice skating (mirrorball?) leotard. She’s probably way disappointed she’s not in the Skating with the Stars audience.” —Jen, JH, Amy in Pittsburgh

“Did anyone notice the women [staring into space, pictured, then] yawning to the left of Tom when he was introducing Kyle & Lacey’s FS?” —Christine, endorsed by MLM: “A yawn, in the finals, before the freestyle? She should be banned from Planet Mirrorballus.”

“Last, the classy gentleman in the back who appeared to be, ahem, fiddling with his own hidden gems.” —JH, endorsed by kt

“That was the guy from Hard Core Pawn – obviously trying to make a bid on the mirrorball trophy before the guys over at Pawn Stars did.” —Luke

“Len’s “raise the roof” gesture after Mark and Bristol got their scores.” —Verity, endorsed by Michael Slezak

“First we had the gangsta signs at Kyle’s rehearsal, then the raise the roof move, now more gangsta signs? Bring back the pimp daddy DANCMSTR hat, Len’s gone street!” —JH, endorsed by avab, LAG Award Winner, avab, Anthony, jasmine, Diana

“Wardrobe dept. decided to make Kyle’s “KYLE” necklace in the freestyle static. No matter how high he jumped, or cartwheeled, or wormed, it only moved with the shirt. At the end of the dance when he’s lying on his side, the gravity-defying bling stayed put.” —Stephanie, endorsed by tango2, Anthony

“Kyle looks a little Bob the Builder in that get-up.” —CoolWhipLite, endorsed by Amy in Pittsburgh, LAG Award Winner: “Can we dance it? YES WE CAN!”

“Bruno’s face after Len’s “boogaloo” comment” —Baby’s Corner

“Hidden Gem – Harvey Weinstein look alike extra-enthusiatic to give the stars a high five as they went into the celebaquarium” —KelbelDance

“During Bristol’s freestyle intro, there were a couple of ladies seriously craning their necks to peek out from behind Tom.” —JH

“When Tom was introducing the rehearsal segment for Bristol’s freestyle dance, there was a lady sitting about two rows behind Sarah Palin who looked like Elvira.” —chattypatra

HIDDEN GEM MYSTERY: “Who caught the watermelon?” Neko, endorsed by dj

“Derek couldnt just have a plain white tee… he had to have a BEDAZZLED plain white tee.” —jasmine, endorsed by Jamie0415

“What was up with that flesh-colored piece of fabric covering Jennifer’s stomach? My husband said it looked like a kangaroo pouch. The last time she wore a two piece she had it as well. What is she hiding behind there? A nasty scar? An outtie belly button? What?” —Hez, endorsed by JH, Jen, Manda

“Maybe she should have used one of Brooke’s Baboosh belly wraps.” —Beatrice, endorsed by gigi

“Jen’s husband’s goofy thumbs up after her freestyle just made me think of the old joke… (create your own…) ‘What has two thumbs and gets to take home that sexy dancer chick? This guy!’” —JH, endorsed by Jamie0415

“HG (my first): what about EAL and Melanie Griffith pushing Jennifer away when she came to give them a hug after her dance? AWKWARD!!” —chicachico

“Hidden gem: phantom hand touching Tom’s shoulder at the end of the show” —Amy in Pittsburgh, endorsed by Rachel, orville, Daphne, gigi: “Kyle camera bombing Tom and Brooke…awesome!”

LIFE-AFFIRMING GEM (LAG): The DANCMSTR license plate lives!

“The Skating with the Stars host walks by the DANCMSTR vanity plate on the way to the Ice Dome….or whatever it’s called…AH!” —kt, endorsed by JH,’s Fringe Fairy, Kylover

Thanks to showrunner Conrad Green for digging up my favorite prop of all time from “Joe” and making sure it was strategically placed on-set!

WED. MORNING UPDATE: Best EAL Gem of the Season!

“EAL was wearing all of her wristbands from the season! On the same wrist!” —A, endorsed by Enthusiastic Comment Lady, Marc, and’s Activia Fairy


Wanna watch it again? Me too.

Tom Bergeron: Cool as a jewel. MVG for life.

Thank you, DANCMSTRs one and all, for a fabulous heap of season 11 gems!

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