Deathly Hallows was emotional, effective, and utterly unsurprising — except for that one CGI, comic-shaded shadow puppet sequence that told the tale of the Three Brothers. Who else was blindsided/pleased by that? It broke up the gray, dreary monotony of the the search beautifully, and was so well-realized that if Hermione hadn’t been narrating, I might have thought I wandered into another movie.

The scene comes from Ben Hibon, an award-winning Swiss animator and director whose exquisitely warped animation style has been employed in big budget PS3 games like Heavenly Sword and weird, experimental shooter Wii games like Killer7.

We aren’t the only one’s who’ve noticed Hibon’s touch — He was just brought on board as a director for the dark fantasy thriller Pan, which was formerly one of Guillermo Del Toro’s insane medley of latent projects. Check out more of Hibon’s work after the jump.

Hibon also directed a short for MTV Asia’s awards show called Codehunters, a sci-fi/western that tells the story of a group of misfit warriors:

And here’s an animation sequence that was created as background/lore for Heavenly Sword:

What do you think, PopWatchers? Is it enough to get you excited about Pan?

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