How many i’s are in this week’s headline? [cue disembodied British announcer-voice] LEN GOODMAN: “Tehhhhhhhhn!” That’s right — Ten i’s for 10 weeks, duh. Welcome back, DANCMSTRs, to the final performance night of Dancing With the Stars‘ season 11. In lieu of the increasingly deadly Take A Sip Every Time Brooke Burke Asks ‘How Do You Feel?’ drinking game, shall we try the Take A Sip Every Time Bristol Palin’s Job Title Is Announced (Audibly Or Just On-Screen) drinking game? This item continues — plus, the most important photographic evidence of anything, ever — after the jump! [Update: Annie’s performance finale recap is liiiiiiiiiive!]

One of the behind-the-scenes Sparkaliens from Planet Mirrorballus just sent me this shot of the beloved DANCMSTR license plate used two or three times over the course of the series to designate Len Goodman’s limousine! This is why I call him DANCMSTR all the time (though I stopped doing it every time in recaps since it seemed like some loser weirdos were getting annoyed). Yay, this finally proves I’m not insane! Yeah, right!

Obviously I’m dying here because of the license plate…but the single, lonely strand of non-colorful Christmas lights is almost making me cry. That’s how beautiful and perfect it is. (Also, hello, CONTROL ROOM?!) Oh my God, I’m so unstable right now. Obviously! It’s week 10!

Here we go! Will Jennifer Grey cry? Will Bristol Palin try? Wouldn’t it be weird if Kyle Massey‘s name were pronounced Kyle Mass-eye? So many rhetorical questions; so few answers; so much time left to go in this episode. I better hold onto my sequined hat and settle down. Discuss the DWTS performances here and nominate your Hidden Gems of the Week below!

EXCLUSIVE GEM SCOOP: Get ready for a special message from Tom!!!

Oh and if anyone’s watching Skating With the StarsI interviewed the judges!

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Maks: “Screw Carrie Ann!” In this week’s TV Insiders podcast, Annie Barrett, Dalton Ross, and Michael Slezak discuss the shocking final three on Dancing With the Stars (and interview brutally candid eliminated pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy), dish the season’s best episode of Survivor (and interview master strategist Brenda Lowe), and sit down with EW’s resident Grey’s Anatomy recapper Jennifer Armstrong to discuss the medical drama’s creative resurgence. Click here to download the TV Insiders podcast to your MP3 player, or listen to an embedded version below!

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