By Mandi Bierly
November 22, 2010 at 04:50 PM EST
Kevin Winter/Getty Images


All you people, can’t you see (can’t you see): Enough years have gone by that you can admit you like BSB. This is an important development for die-hard ‘N Sync fans (like myself), who’d always felt like she had to choose between the two. Backstreet Boys started wearing me down with their 2005 music video for “Incomplete,” which I’ve always said deserved an honorary MTV VMA for Best Dramatic Acting by a Boy Band Ever. (And yes, that song is on my iPod, and I like it even more than “I Want It That Way,” which is, of course, widely considered one of the best boy band songs of all time.) But last night’s performance at the American Music Awards with NKOTB (watch it below) sealed the deal. I will no longer feel guilty for liking BSB. Other things I realized watching their performance last night:

• Pat Monahan of Train also enjoys the Backstreet Boys (you were totally sing along, sir!).

• Even though my high school yearbook is full of people wishing Jordan Knight and I a happily ever after, I now prefer Backstreet Boys to NKOTB. (GASP!)

• NKOTB’s “Step By Step” dance has got to go.

What did you learn last night? As cool as it was to see BSB and NKOTB lined up on stage, do you think it’s the kind of fun that’s best enjoyed in six-minute doses, or could you see it lasting through their full concert? (To consider the latter, I would need to know everyone would be singing on key. But due to the overwhelming response, 18 more summer 2011 tour dates have just been added, including second shows in the sold-out Toronto and Chicago.)

P.S. How fitting is it that Jonathan Knight didn’t make it into this picture? We love you Jonathan, even if this photographer didn’t! 

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