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Thrilled that her temporary gig turned into a regular job, Mayim Bialik admits that working on CBS’ The Big Bang Theory has been “the most challenging sitcom I have ever worked on.” Well, things are about to get a lot more difficult for her character Amy and her kinda-boyfriend, Sheldon (Jim Parsons). “We have an episode coming up called the “Helium Parasite Hypothesis,” it will be on in a couple of weeks,” Bialik teases to EW while attending a red carpet event over the weekend. “Amy starts to feel sexually aroused by someone. She doesn’t know what those feelings are. And Sheldon, we’re not sure if he is feeling jealousy, because he doesn’t know what those feelings are.”

So are Amy and Sheldon finally going to form an official love connection, or what? “I don’t know that I could say things are going to get more serious. I think things are going to get more concentrated,” Bialik admits. “They’re going to explore different aspects of the relationship. I can pretty much guarantee you’re going to see Sheldon in the same way you have always seen him. My character probably is going to stay the same. It’s more like, what does this relationship look like with these polarities?

“I’m assuming that my character is going to stay as creepy and weird as she is,” Bialik continued. “And Sheldon is going to still be Sheldon. But there is a lot of really wacky stuff that they can do with the female character with this personality that they don’t do with Sheldon. The female socialization is different. Once we see this character trying to socialize, she tries harder than Sheldon does. I think that is how females interact. It’s a different kind of socialization.” – With reporting from Nicholas White

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