Last night’s premiere of E! True Hollywood Story: Adam Lambert wasn’t exactly bursting with new information about the American Idol season 8 runner-up/glittery, octave-scaling entertainer. But it did have its share of entertaining moments. My personal top 10:

10. Neil Lambert recounting that growing up, his now-famous older brother’s giant costume box meant Halloween “could happen any time of year.”

9. Footage of Adam in his Zodiac Show days, dressed in feathery regalia and sporting bright blue hair, belting “A Change Is Gonna Come.” I suspect anyone who saw that performance live and in-person wasn’t terribly surprised when Adam nailed the civil rights anthem again on the Idol stage.

8. The visual splendor of the turquoise, red, yellow, and black blouse worn during confessional interviews by Adam’s pal Scarlett Cherry. (Note how the colors were picked up by Cherry’s turquoise necklace and violet-red locks.) Fab!

7. Adam giving us too much information, but using humor to make it totally inoffensive: “I lost my virginity at 21, and it was to a man — not a woman. And it wasn’t very good.” [Laughs.] “Sometimes it takes a little while to learn how to do that correctly.” [Bigger laugh.]

6. Grade-school Adam’s Century 21 ad: Blink and you missed him!

5. Adam explaining how his bandmate Monte Pittman convinced Madonna to spend some time with the young Idol graduate. “He used the fact that I was on the cover of Rolling Stone as kind of incentive for her to meet me.”

5a. Multiple sightings of (using full Oprah voice) ALLISON IRAHETA!

4. Lynne Broyles, Adam’s first vocal coach, reduced to tears just thinking about Adam’s performance of “Mad World” during Idol‘s eighth season. (Awww.)

3. That shot of The Post Daily — which looks like a very primitive Muggle newspaper — with an all-caps front-page headline of “‘IDOL’ SHOCKER: LAMBERT PICKED AS MAN TO BEAT, BUT ALLEN PREVAILS.” I don’t know where/how/if this Post Daily (with a tagline of “the finest newspaper in the world”) actually exists, but I appreciate any paper that understands an Idol finale is on par with DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN or other major global events.

2. Adam’s dad joking that his big-voiced son, who cried “23 hours a day,” was “one of the more evil infants.” Hey, it’s all about building lung capacity!

1. High school drama club advisor Doug Smith showing a floral prop Adam made for a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. “Lots of glitter. Adam loves glitter.”

Did you catch Adam Lambert’s E! True Hollywood Story? What did you think? And did I miss any of your favorite moments? Sound off below! (And for all my Idol commentary/ridiculata, follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak.)