Oh, reality television. Just when we think we’ve seen it all, here comes WE’s new show Jilted?. (Yes, that question mark is part of the title, not just some last-minute ambivalence on the part of the producers) Here’s the premise: A woman is fed up with waiting for her boyfriend to propose, so she takes matters into her own hands and does the job herself. But wait, there’s a twist! There’s a wedding set in one week’s time and we — both the viewer and the would-be bride — won’t know if the man will actually show. Got it?

Here’s how it went down with tonight’s premiere episode featuring Lauren, 25, and James, 27. The two have been dating for six years, Lauren tells us. But now Lauren is frustrated. “Why hasn’t James proposed to me?” she tearfully wonders. “I wonder what I’m doing wrong.” Oh, Lauren. Turns out, James is recently unemployed and doesn’t seem that ready for marriage … or at least, not until he feels financially stable. So far, James is winning the reasonable race.

Lauren takes James to a sunny al fresco dining spot, and he quite reasonably looks a bit concerned when she starts crying. (The show helpfully explains that James thinks he’s on a show about “relationships” so the cameras aren’t an instant tip-off) Lauren finally chokes out that she wants to marry him, BUT she doesn’t want an answer right away. “I have everything planned, including our wedding,” she tells him. (James hilariously replies, “Like, in your head?” Another point for James! ) And, she says, if he doesn’t marry her in one week’s time, they might be finished. Dum dum dum!

Suddenly it’s the night before the wedding and Lauren is out for her bachelorette party (with a very unfortunate pink tiara and sash). She admits that she doesn’t know what James’ answer is going to be. Her friends look worried. At no point do any of them bring up how insane an idea this was to begin with. Bad friends. Across town, James is still mad and talking it through with his friends. “I feel betrayed,” he says, which is just what you want your maybe-fiancé saying on the night before your potential wedding. Meanwhile, Lauren is beginning to have a few doubts herself and sheds some tears. “I want him to know I’m doing this because I love him,” she says. Sigh.

And before you know it, it’s the morning of the wedding. James is hoping Lauren will “come to her senses and everything can go back to normal.” (Good luck with that one, buddy.) Lauren hopes that James isn’t mad at her. Somehow James comes up with a plan that would appear to involve putting on a tux and telling her no in person, and then seeing if she’ll stick with him anyway. James, we’re taking a reasonable point away from you.

Yeesh! It’s stressful watching this wedding. And quite honestly, we’re not sure whether if we are rooting for James to hightail it out of there or bend to the will of his girlfriend. Lauren looks lovely in her wedding gown, clutching her champagne flute just a little too hard. James has a quick man-to-man with his dad, who seems to be taking a roundabout way of saying, “Oh, just go ahead and marry her already.” So we’re at the altar and after Lauren tearfully explains her reasons, it’s time for James’ answer. And after a little bit more waffling, he begrudgingly agrees that they should marry. Yea?

What about you guys? Did you watch Jilted? And would you be mad if your boyfriend/girlfriend did this to you on national television?