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Last month, when producer Christopher Nolan announced that Zack Snyder would be the director of the new Superman movie, I wildly speculated on ten possible actors for the role, to which our fair readers added a few candidates of their own. Then we whittled the list down to six, y’all voted in a Popwatch poll, and if nothing else, we all learned that Smallville‘s Tom Welling has quite the mobilized army of online fans.

Well, Smallville fans, I’ve got good news, kinda good news and not so good news. According to a Deadline report, Snyder and Nolan have started looking for their man of steel, casting the proverbial wide net for the right actor with the following qualifications: He’s currently on TV (that’s the good news) or more likely someone more-or-less unknown (that’s the not so good news), and he’s anywhere from 28 to 32 years old (that’s the kinda good news, since Welling is 33). While that age range seems a bit narrow for a supposedly wide net, believe you me, that’s pretty much the age range everyone looks in Hollywood.

Still, it does winnow down the field a bit. Jon Hamm, sorry buddy, you are nine kinds of handsome, but you do look your 39 years — in the best way, of course, but no one’s exactly describing you as in your late 20s anymore. Conversely, Armie Hammer, you’ve become rather ubiquitous ever since your breakout turn as the Winkelvi in The Social Network, but at a particularly fresh faced 24 years old, no one’s exactly describing you as in your early 30s.

Other than Welling, meanwhile, this particular news bodes pretty well for White Collar‘s Matthew Bomer (33), The Tudors‘ Henry Cavill (27), and True Blood‘s Joe Manganiello (33). But there’s a reason so many actors who’ve worn the red cape (Christopher Reeve, Brandon Routh, Dean Cain, and yes, Tom Welling) were unknowns when they got the gig — the man’s face is Superman. Batman’s got that striking cowl, Spider-Man’s entire face is covered up, but there’s no hiding for whoever plays Superman, and I imagine any director would want audiences seeing the Man from Krypton and not the Man from That Show They Watch On Their DVR. Which is to say: Sorry, Wellingites, but it’s just as likely that our next Superman’s online fanbase consists of whoever he knows on Facebook.

But that won’t stop us from continuing to wildly speculate, anyway. Given the aforementioned criteria — an actor, 28 to 32 (or, at least, who looks 28 to 32), not widely known, but possibly working in television — who do you think will at least read for Superman who hasn’t been discussed here already?

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