''My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy'' is packed with cameos from Rihanna to Jay-Z. Here is a list of West's best collaborations.


Jay-Z West’s mentor adds old-guard gravitas with verses on ”So Appalled” and ”Monster.”

Rihanna The Caribbean pop diva sings the enormous hook on ”All of the Lights.”

Fergie The Black Eyed Pea kicks a quick rap on ”All of the Lights.” Believe it or not, it’s great.

Elton John He too turns up on ”All of the Lights,” playing piano and wailing a few words.

Nicki Minaj Her prologue on ”Dark Fantasy” and scene-stealing ”Monster” verse make her an MVP.

Rick Ross The Miami rapper lends his gruff vocals to ”Monster” and ”Devil in a New Dress.”

Bon Iver That’s the indie band’s Justin Vernon crooning on ”Lost in the World” and ”Monster.”

Chris Rock The comedian contributes a hilariously NSFW sketch to ”Blame Game.”