The original RoboCop, Peter Weller, is playing a corrupt cop on Dexter. We pick the reality-show and Ph.D. candidate's fascinating brain.


His theory on Dexter
”Dexter is the history of America: born in blood, possessed by the voice of his Founding Father. My character, Stan Liddy, is the thorn in his side. I said to Michael C. Hall, ‘Let’s swing it, man!”’

That’s Dr. Weller to you
”I’m getting a Ph.D. in Italian Renaissance art history. I’ve completed my oral exam. I also play trumpet in a jazz sextet.”

He’ll always be RoboCop
”It’s a classic — moving and funny, socially hip. [Director] Paul Verhoeven is mad and profound. It’s operatic sci-fi. RoboCop, that face and body, is a perfect structure, me in it or not.”

He’s pitching a reality show — for real!
”It’s a reality docusoap, not unlike Jersey Shore, but set in Europe, starring my wife and me. You get the insanity of marital drama set in a Mediterranean paradise. We shot a pilot in which we get lost near these pesto markets and are detoured. That’s what it should be called: Detoured.”