NBC's struggling serial will relaunch on Feb. 28, and ''Grey's Anatomy'''s Kevin McKidd dishes on the ''Rome'' movie

By Lynette Rice
Updated November 19, 2010 at 05:00 AM EST

Struggling, The Event will try again next year
Call it the curse of the genre shows. Much like what happened last winter to ABC’s FlashForward, NBC’s freshman drama The Event will take a three-month hiatus beginning Nov. 29 and relaunch on Feb. 28. (It will return with a two-hour-long recap special before resuming its regular run.) The conspiracy-themed drama starring Jason Ritter and Blair Underwood got a full-season pickup despite its so-so performance — it averages 7.8 million, though it does get an additional 2.1 million DVR viewers. Unfortunately for Event fans, the history of the hiatus has not been kind: FlashForward never recovered after its three-and-a-half-month break and got canned last May. For now, NBC is putting up a positive front. ”The Event will be presented in two cycles — 10 episodes in the fall and 12 episodes in the winter/spring,” Mitch Metcalf, NBC’s head of scheduling, tells EW. ”Both cycles will feature no repeats, which we know are extremely frustrating to fans.” In between the two cycles, on Jan. 9 NBC will premiere The Cape, a drama starring Eat Pray Love‘s David Lyons as a framed cop who makes himself into a masked hero. Says Metcalf, ”[It’s] the perfect bridge between the two miniseasons of The Event.”

Chilean miners’ story bound for the big screen?
The tale of the trapped miners in Chile was so riveting it seemed destined to be a movie. Despite widespread reports in the U.S. based on a Chilean newspaper item, though, it will not necessarily be produced by Brad Pitt‘s production company, Plan B. A high-level Plan B source tells EW that these reports are actually ”a huge wave of nothing.” The company’s spokesman clarifies, ”We have shown potential interest, but there have been no serious discussions.” Incredibly, one movie about the miners is close to being done: Spanish filmmaker Antonio Recio has been shopping The 33 of San Jose, which wraps imminently. Meanwhile, some excellent fodder will be hitting bookstores. A prominent book about the ordeal, British journalist Jonathan Franklin’s 33 Men, was recently bought by Penguin’s Putnam’s Sons imprint.
Dave Karger, with additional reporting by Keith Staskiewicz

Grey’s Anatomy star directs an episode, dishes on Rome movie
Grey’s Anatomy‘s Kevin McKidd (who plays Dr. Owen Hunt) will temporarily shed his scrubs to take over directing duties for a February episode. ”Owen will have a slightly lighter story line, which I will be quite thankful for,” McKidd says, speaking exclusively to EW. He also gave an update on the long-awaited Rome movie. (He costarred in the HBO series, which ended in 2007.) ”[Co-creator] Bruno Heller is very happy with his next draft of the script,” says McKidd. ”We’re trying to find the right window of time. It could be next summer. There’s a real love for that show. People ask me about it all the time.”