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Image Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC; Randy Tepper/Showtime; Liane Hentscher/Fox; Alan Zenuk/USA NetworkIt’s a good week in scoopsville, Roomies. Along with teasers for the shows listed above, we also have intel from Kevin McKidd about more dark and twistiness coming on Grey’s Anatomy; Supernatural showrunner Sera Gamble opening up about Castiel; and Zachary Levi on celebrating Thanksgiving Chuck-style. If that’s not something to be thankful for, nothing is.

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If you thought the Altivia stuff so far was as tense as it could get, wait until you see the Dec. 2 episode. I promise it will knock you (and Altyou) on your butt in the first minutes of the episode and keep you there the entire hour. The tension begins with Peter getting a message relayed to him from Olivia. The question is: Does he believe it? Should he? Meanwhile, a phrase Olivia once told Peter will play a huge part in this episode, and there’s a blink-and-you’ll miss it tender moment between Peter and Walter. Speaking of, Walter introduces us to the term “vagenda” (use your imagination), and we learn of a new (old) device that has the ability to communicate with the other side. Most importantly, to answer a question posed to us by Twitter pal @val04, those of you hoping for Olivia’s return to our world (erm, everyone) should tune in to this episode. Just sayin’.


@silviaPRT wants some Dexter scoop, and since we aim to please: Dexter’s step-children Astor and Cody have been MIA since episode 2, but pre-teen Astor makes her return in this week’s episode — though you likely won’t recognize her when she walks in looking like she’s working undercover in a vice case. Elsewhere, (in a bit of scoop for @Dansteele) LaGuerta and Batista continue to butt heads and this time it’s over a case she refuses to reopen after Deb discovers new evidence. On the Lumen front, if you’ve been sensing romantic vibes from the couple like @jillemader has, calm yourself! The real couple making major moves here is Deb and Quinn. Can you say love? Because one of them certainly can. Someone else who’s doing a lot of talking these days? The linguistically gifted baby Harrison, who says “Mama” for the first time. Guess who he says it to…


Utter ridiculousness prevails in Psych‘s Dec. 1 Twin Peaks tribute (would we have it any other way?), which sends the guys to a tiny town during its Cinnamon Festival to solve a case. Seven original Peaks cast members make appearances, arguably the most exciting being Sherilyn Fenn’s turn as the town’s cherry-referencing, saddle shoe-wearing librarian Maudette Hornsby. The rest is, as star James Roday put told us, “loaded up like a baked potato” full of references, including the Julee Cruise-treated opening credits we previously told you about. (DVR PSA: The episode is so packed that it runs 7.5 minutes longer than normal. Plan accordingly.) In moments unrelated to Peaks, I give you four words: Shawn, Gus, and tandem bicycle. And bonus scoop, because I like you: After a one-year absence, the show will once again have a Christmas-themed episode that Roday described as “It’s a Wonderful Life on acid.”


Yes, if you want the whole enchilada of spoilers, you can always read the books. But I guarantee this: The hair styles on the show are 10 times more fabulous than anything you can conjure up in your head just reading. So there — TV wins. Now, for those who haven’t read the books (hello!), on the Jan. 3 episode, when Liars returns for the last 12 episodes of its first season, the girls try something new on for size (besides more covet-worthy clothing): the truth. First up is Aria, who ends up spilling the beans about her Fitz-uation not once — but twice. One of them doesn’t end well. And Emily tells someone very important in her life about her sexuality in a scene that will leave your heart aching for her. Also, Lucas (insert emoticon heart here) makes a brave and bold move that might or might not involve a confession of his own.


@damagedself asked: Any idea which episode or around when Cristina will be restored to her original self on Grey’s Anatomy?

If you’re holding your breath, I advise you to stop. For explanation, we turn to Kevin McKidd: “They are building toward a big Cristina and Owen story in the second half of the season, which will be a different story, but they are still figuring that out. But things never run smooth for Christina and Owen, lets put it that way.” Bonus: You know all the disaster training Owen has been pushing on the gang? Well, it comes in handy in episode 11, which is a “very intense and quite dark but very uplifting episode,” McKidd reveals.

@smccartt asks: Where’s Castiel on Supernatural? Also are they going to anything about Adam — it’s not like Sam and Dean to leave their brother in hell.

Maybe they just don’t like him? (Kidding.) While there’s no word on Adam, executive producer and showrunner Sera Gamble elaborated a bit on Cas’ “tremendously awful position in heaven” when I spoke with her earlier this week. “He’s going through so much that he’s only alluding to that he can’t really talk about. He’s keeping as stiff an upper lip as he can because he is tortured and lonely and…I think he feels these are the only people who care about him in the universe.”

@michelecurran asks: Please, I need some Supernatural scoop!! Is Sam going to get his soul back soon?

As we reported earlier, don’t expect to see Sam’s soul before midseason. That said, Sam can expect one thing before the break: an ass kicking. In fact, the Dec. 10 episode — which guest stars Robert Englund (the original Freddy Krueger) as an unlicensed doctor who works out of the back of a butcher shop — finds both brothers on the receiving end of a “hardcore” beating. “I don’t want to give away the farm on this episode, but I will say both of them are at the very least near death in this episode,” said Gamble.

@LISALEE25 asks: Is this Supernatural’s last season?!

In the words of Dean Winchester, bite your tongue heathen! Honestly, it’s too soon to tell, but they are in the early stages of planning a “bold” new meta-episode set to air in spring.

Laura asked: I’m going through Justified withdrawal! Help!

As long as this doesn’t make me Dr. Drew, here you go: Rescue Me’s Larenz Tate just closed a deal to appear in one episode of Justified as Clinton, an ex-con serving out the remainder of his sentence in a half-way sober living house. He’ll show up in episode 4, which will air in early February.

@erninlow For Community, have we seen the last of Britta-Jeff relationship?

I don’t have anything on Jeff and Britta, but I can tell you that Shirley’s somewhat secret rendezvous with Señor Chang becomes not-so-secret in an episode after midseason break. “Troy tells the worst person possible,” Yvette Nicole Brown told us at the Tangled premiere in LA. “I think there are a few candidates for that title, but you will see that it is truly the worst person he could choose to tell.” In related Greendale dish, we hear that when Malcolm-Jamal Warner checks in for a few episodes, he will sport at least one Cosby sweater. Hey, I thought it was funny.

Image Credit: Karen Neal/TNT

@reebsreiswig said: I would LOVE Leverage spoilers! December’s finale is so far away!!!!!!!!

You mean the photos from earlier this week weren’t enough? You may have an addiction, my friend. Google the symptoms for confirmation. That said, here’s one more photo (at right). You may now also Google “enabler.”

Jerry asked: Boardwalk Empire has been great. Scoop would be much appreciated!

What a gentleman you are. For that, I give you news on a character who is quite the opposite: campaign manager Harry Daugherty, played by Christopher McDonald. The actor tells us he will return for three episodes next season as the Secretary of State under Warren Harding. “We start all the backroom dealings, and then, unfortunately, we run into trouble down the line,” he said. History before your very eyes.

Ryan asked: Is this week Aquaman’s final appearance on Smallville?

As of right now it is. But if his portrayer, Alan Ritchson, has his way, it won’t be. “I think there’s a possibility that if they continue on the path that they’re on toward the Justice League, you might see another assembly of that — not that I’ve heard anything….It very well may have been my last time.”

@val04 asks: Have we seen the end of Chuck’s mom this season?

We have not. We see her next at Thanksgiving dinner during the show’s midseason finale, which is also directed by star Zachary Levi. “I think — like with all families — holidays are complicated and are often the place where issues come up,” he said. “You just [also] have to throw in the spy-saving-the-world stuff to our plates. But the episode itself is great and fans will love it as long as I didn’t screw up the directing too much.”

(Additional reporting by Lynette Rice and Carrie Bell.)

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