By Mandi Bierly
November 19, 2010 at 11:37 PM EST
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Fox has ordered seven episodes of the half-hour comedy Breaking In, starring Christian Slater and Reaper‘s Bret Harrison, the network confirms. It will premiere Wednesday, April 6. The show, created by Adam F. Goldberg (Fanboys) and Seth Gordon (Four Christmases), is set at a high-tech security firm that takes extreme — and often questionable — measures to sell their protection services. As the logline explains, Contra Security, corporate America’s answer to The A-Team, gives clients a sense of security by first ripping it away. Hence the title, Breaking In. Slater stars as Oz, the mastermind described as a man of mystery and a master of manipulation. Oz’s hand-picked team includes: Bad girl Melanie (You Again‘s Odette Yustman), who is in charge of lock-picking, safe-cracking and heart-breaking; disguise expert Josh (The Whitest Kids U’Know’s Trevor Moore), who heads recon and intel; Cash (Chocolate NewsAlphonso McAuley), a fanboy who specializes in strategy, logistics, and office pranks; and new recruit Cameron (Harrison), a lovable computer hacker straight out of college who’s still trying to meld with his colleagues. Though the pilot, written by Goldberg and directed by Gordon, tested well, Fox passed on a pick up last May. Fortunately, when the network resumed talks with Sony Pictures Television, the original creative team and cast remained intact. 

This will be the third series for Slater since 2008 (after NBC’s My Own Worst Enemy and ABC’s The Forgotten, which lasted one season each), but his first comedy. Slater spoke to EW last February about his recent comedic turn, which included guest spots on The Office and Curb Your Enthusiasm and the Funny or Die video Nine Lives. “I love comedy. I just feel blessed to have gotten those kind of opportunities,” he said. “Right now, it’s an open-door policy. Whoever gravitates toward me in that sort of humorous fashion, I’m up for.” He talked about Flip cam videos he’d taken to shooting, the latest being a Bourne Identity spoof. “I sometimes sit at home, and I’ll make little movies of myself. I did one called The Boring Identity the other day, which was quite fun,” he said. “Basically, I turned the camera on and just sat in my replica Kirk chair from the Starship Enterprise, which was a nice Christmas present, for a good 15 minutes in silence before I got bored out of my mind.” We did a PopWatch poll, and 96 percent of readers said they wanted to see The Boring Identity. Hopefully Breaking In gets as enthusiastic a response when it debuts.

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