'Parks and Recreation,' Taylor Momsen and Kanye West made pop culture news this week.

By EW Staff
Updated November 19, 2010 at 05:00 AM EST

· Parks and Rec finally returns Jan. 20. Could we live another day without it? Knope.
· After Letterman and Franzen, Oprah makes up with Whoopi. Texas cattle ranchers obsessively check voicemail.
· In fashion, one day you’re in, and the next day…eff you, Nina.
· Cher: Welcome back, babe.
· Kanye’s truly amazing album
· If you give up acting, Emma Watson, we give up movies.
· Tina Fey accepts Mark Twain award; reports of her wit are not greatly exaggerated.

· Kanye’s truly awkward Today show interview.
· Richard Nixon slays zombies in newest Call of Duty. (Spoiler! He gets turned and eats Checkers first.)
· Darren Aronofsky’s sequel to Wolverine now titled The Wolverine. So that’s where the the from Fast & Furious went.
· Unstoppable? Not at the box office, anyway.
· Boardwalk Empire‘s masked sniper may not be pretty to look at, but we simply cannot turn away.

· Today in disgusting semantics: slapping versus punching.
· Adam Sandler gives Maseratis to Chris Rock, David Spade, and Kevin James for being in Grown Ups. Don’t we get at least a Hyundai for sitting through it?
· Blatant product placement on Days of Our Lives: It turns out that evil twins love Chex Mix.
· Alaska checks itself into a treatment facility for ”exhaustion” after being forced to costar in Sarah Palin’s new reality show.
· Shame By Sheree.
· Taylor Momsen gives her most convincing performance…at age 3.