By Brad Wete
Updated November 19, 2010 at 05:13 PM EST
Credit: Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images; Kevin Mazur


Whether you like it or not, Michael Jackson‘s first of many posthumous albums, Michael, is just weeks away from release. Earlier this week, “Hold My Hand,” produced by and featuring Akon, hit the Net as its official single. Even though he let this track out of his vault, don’t expect Akon to release any more M.J. collabs ever again. As he tells MTV in a recent interview, the only reason “Hold My Hand” is featured on Michael is that it’s actually a finished track.

“‘Hold My Hand’ was one of the records that was actually fully complete,” Akon says. “The rest of the ideas aren’t fully complete. They’re just ideas, concepts, and harmonies which the world will probably never see, because I would never put it out unfinished. So I might just burn it after this interview… We’ve done plenty of records outside of this. But they were just incomplete.” ‘Kon’s sentiment is similar is the Black Eyed Peas’, who refuses to release any of the work he and Jackson did during the latter years of his life.

Michael is reportedly mostly comprised of several unfinished and scrapped songs from prior albums. Are you looking forward to the album?

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