Last week, EW exclusively revealed the cover of the forthcoming True Blood graphic novel, True Blood, Vol. 1: All Together Now, and now we’ve got the reveal of the pair of covers—there are options for we ravenous consumers!—that will grace the second volume of the series, which has yet to be officially titled. The plot of the second edition (which is a compilation of six forthcoming issues of the True Blood comics series) will revolve around, of course, main character Sookie Stackhouse, whose world is turned upside down when contaminated bottles of Tru Blood cause the Southern Vampire population to go berserk. That, as you might guess, just amps up the always simmering human-vampire tension in Bon Temps.

In addition to Sookie, Bill, and Eric, new characters who weren’t in the first series will be introduced in this latest edition: Jessica Hamby, Hoyt Fortenberry, Terry Bellefleur, Arlene Fowler, Jesus Velasquez, and Steve Newlin all make appearances. In fact, speaking of Mr. Newlin, the actor who plays Fellowship of the Sun leader Steve—that’d be Michael McMillian, who’s pictured below—is also a co-author (alongside Marc Andreyko) of the second series of comics. Here, McMaillian gives us some scoop on the forthcoming graphic novel.

“The plot kicks off when bottles of Tru Blood are contaminated with this mysterious ingredient that makes vampires go, basically, insane,” McMillian reveals. “They go crazy. They lose sense of all sort of moral center, and they pretty much go feral and attack anything and everything in sight. What happens is they reach Bon Temps and the lips of a very beloved vampire character. Sookie and the rest of the characters are trying to figure out: Who’s behind the contamination? How can they save their friend? That’s sort of where the whole arc starts off.”

And McMillian continues: “We wanted to make this story very vampire-centric, and I’ve always been interested in the larger mythology of this bottled blood, that there’s a corporation behind this. What would happen if they had a PR disaster like the BP oil spill or the contaminated Tylenol pills? When their customer base is vampires, if something went wrong, it would be a huge disaster. What happens if they have to pull bottled blood off the market? What will vampires do? I thought it’s a bit cheeky, but the timing to do a story like this is right. There’s the immediate problem of: If something like Tru Blood is recalled, what are vampires going to do? What does that mean for humans? I’m interested in the dynamics of the relationships between humans and vampires.”

McMillian is excited about the series, and makes the point that until True Blood returns on HBO this coming summer, this series is all that fans have to tide them over. “We’ve got the privilege of being the only True Blood that’s available for fans before the fourth season starts up in the summer,” he says, “so we really want this series to feel like a great stand-in for the TV show. It’s going to be really exciting and action-packed and beautiful.”

The second series won’t hit stores until Feb. 23, but you can pre-order it now. Are you intrigued? Will you read this graphic novel to tide you over until the show’s return this summer?

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