By Margaret Lyons
Updated November 18, 2010 at 02:50 PM EST

Sarah Palin tells Barbara Walters that she thinks she can beat Barack Obama in 2012 on this year’s 10 Most Fascinating People special, which is set to air December 9. This will be Palin’s third year in a row on the list. How very fascinating! Palin’s second book comes out November 23, her TLC show has seven more episodes, and she’s on the cover of the New York Times Magazine this weekend in an article that sums up the situation thusly: “Sarah Palin’s withering regard for the media co-exists with the fact that Sarah Palin is a media sensation.” No kidding. Oh, and don’t forget about “refudiate” being the word of the year.

To the shock of no one, Palin tells Walters that she’s seriously considering running for president, and the upcoming profile in the NYT says the same thing. Whether that campaign comes to pass or not, we’re still looking at several more years — at least? — of Palin’s non-stop media presence. Perhaps Willow or Piper will also dance with the stars?

No one blends pop and politics quite like Palin, especially now that she’s technically not a politician. But is that genre-blurring a good thing? Does it help her political stature, or is she so deeply ensconced in media and pop culture at this point that it’s hard to imagine her holding office again?

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