By Emily Exton
Updated November 18, 2010 at 10:44 PM EST

The Weinstein Company has announced plans to produce Mob Wives, a new reality series created by Jennifer Graziano. The 10-episode series has been picked up by VH1 and will premiere in March 2011. The show is also backed by Ben Silverman of Electus, whose past credits include Ugly Betty and The Office.

According to a press release, Mob Wives will follow four women “allegedly” associated with members of the mafia, who are moving on after their husbands or fathers are sent to prison. The title alone makes me think of Growing Up Gotti, the A&E reality series that introduced us to Victoria, daughter of longtime mafia boss John Gotti, her three sons, and her Rapunzel-esque hair. Two seasons of their daily family life, as seen from their palatial Long Island home, and occasional hijinks were entertaining enough, but nothing groundbreaking — although we do need to give credit to Victoria’s sons for promoting blow outs all the way back in 2004, long before Pauly D beat the beat up on Jersey Shore. Based on TWC’s announcement, Mob Wives aims to show us the lives of those affected by organized crime, which is intriguing, but how much of the alleged mob members will we see? What kind of access will be available in prison? Too much focus on the daily lives of these women risks treading awfully close to Real Housewives territory, which we are certainly not lacking on television right now.

What do you think, Pop Watchers? Does Mob Wives sound like a hit? Or would you be more interested if the show followed the actual members of the mob, as opposed to just their families? Considering all of the fictional mob movies and TV shows (ahem, The Sopranos), I’d be most interested in seeing the real business of organized crime and those behind it, but something tells me reality show cameras might not be able to get that kind of inside information.