In 21 seasons, Survivor has been to some pretty amazing locations, from the plains of Africa to the jaw-dropping beauty of the Cook Islands. So we went to one man who has seen it all, host Jeff Probst, to ask: What is the best Survivor location ever? Different locales offer different advantages. Some offer curious creatures that can add an element of spectacle and danger. Others offer breathtaking blue water that can be utilized for challenges. And others offer picture-perfect weather. For his favorite location, that wily Probst has picked the one that combines the best of all three elements, and having been there, I can’t say I disagree. To see Probst’s pick, just check out the video player below the jump, and then stay tuned to also see his selections for the best Tribal Council, best challenge, and best marooning ever. Do you agree with his choices? If not, then what are your picks? Hit the message boards and let us know.

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