Image Credit: Adam Larkey/ABCWe’d hate to see what he would’ve done last night… Steven N. Cowan, a 67-year-old man from Vermont, Wis., fired a shotgun at the television in his house Monday evening while watching the performance night of Dancing With the Stars. Dane County police were called to the residence after Cowan’s wife fled their home and phoned saying her husband, who authorities believe suffers from bipolar disorder, was intoxicated, armed, and threatening to commit suicide. The trigger for the incident was Cowan’s belief (and anger) that Bristol Palin was on the show because of her famous politician mother instead of her dancing ability. Tactical response and hostage negotiation teams arrived on the scene, and it took them roughly 15 hours to coax Mr. Cowan out of the home. He’s been charged with second-degree reckless endangerment, the Dane County Sheriff’s office confirms to EW.

Now we don’t want to make light of this situation. We’re happy to hear that his wife was unharmed and are assuming he’ll get the psychological help he needs to live a happier life. But it does seem like a good time to confess whether you’ve ever struck out at your TV. I have yelled at it, but I’ve never thrown anything at it. I love my flatscreen too much to hurt him. You?

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