Last night’s Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson was a Doctor Who festival. Random, you say? I’m sorry — have you never seen The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson? Do you not realize that this talk show thrives on pursuing the wayward enthusiasms of its host, which include, in no particular order, awkward pauses, high heels, refusing to allow guests to merely plug whatever TV show or movie they are promoting, and lip-synching to campy ’70s and ’80s pop songs.

Oh, and it turns out, Doctor Who. Interviewing the current doctor, Matt Smith, Ferguson had to explain that this was the 11th Who, that the character has been “played by 11 different people, kind of like Cher…made of the parts of 11 different people.” Smith, however, looked like an unreconstructed human.

The Who-centric hour was quite comprehensible even to non-Who fanatics such as myself, and I was amused to hear from Smith that the tall British drink of water was filming part of the Who series in Monument Valley, Utah — the site of many John Ford Westerns, to mix pop culture genres. (Boy, John Wayne in a TARDIS — there’s a visual.)

By the way, Ferguson was a bit irritated that the semi-elaborate opening number, choreographed to the Doctor Who theme, was squelched five minutes before taping (according to Craig) due to lack of legal clearance for the music.

But, he concluded, “At least you get to see another human experience crushing disappointment, not like those other TV shows, where the host comes out and says, ‘Hey, my life is great with all my buddies and stuff and money!'”

Freeze-frame high-five!

Did you watch?

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