By Kate Ward
Updated November 17, 2010 at 12:00 PM EST

In case the Darren Aronofsky directing credit didn’t tip you off, Black Swan is dark. And this poster (being used for print promotional opportunities) for the Requiem For a Dream helmer’s ballet drama goes even further to prove that, showing star — and possible Oscar contender? — Natalie Portman clad in a black feather-drenched tutu, shooting off enough of a youthful Baby Jane stare to convince you of the art’s competitive, twisted world. (This is no Jody Sawyer from Center Stage, folks!) As a former goth ballerina (yes, we do exist), I’m proud to see Portman rocking the look — if this doesn’t make men want to head to the ballet, I don’t know what will. (Besides this, of course.) As for the red hand — I know we’re supposed to think it’s blood, but it looks to me like candy coating. This poster = YUM.

Convinced that Black Swan will be a feather in Portman’s cap? And who else is ready to flock to the theaters Dec. 3?

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