Image Credit: Richard Cartwright/CBSYou know, I can’t even get through a round of “Soft Kitty” without imagining this kitteh, or this kitteh, or these kittehs, and thus erupting into a fit of cuteness-inspired shrieks. (It’s even hard to write this post looking at the photo to the left, since my hands are trembling with the thoughts of the adorableness of these felines. Yes, I’m one of those.) So I’m probably not the best person to compete in The Big Bang Theory‘s “Soft Kitty Upload Contest,” which asks fans to submit a video of them singing Sheldon’s favorite soothing tune in order to win a trip to a taping of the CBS sitcom.

Nevertheless, I’d love to see what kind of footage fans would beam onto the Internet. Surely, a Zazzy reference or two is completely and totally necessary to bag the win, but I won’t be impressed until I see Keyboard Cat whip together a version of the tune. Especially because that cat is dearly departed, so it would take some serious science to nab a cameo. (Or one heckuva bazinga.) Click here to submit a video, and, for a reminder of the song, click the jump!

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