November 16, 2010 at 11:53 PM EST
Jeffrey R Staab/CBS

Jason Statham continues to cement his status as Hollywood’s most congested actor in the new trailer for Jan. 28’s The Mechanic, in which the deep-voiced action star plays a hitman who begins mentoring an apprentice (Ben Foster) in his violent trade. (Hey, for Mr. Trump’s sake, whatever happened to good ol’ selling hot dogs to become an Apprentice?) First off, I’m excited to see Donald Sutherland starring in not one, but two movie trailers over the past week (the actor appears in The Eagle as well). And, secondly, after seeing this spot for the film — a reinvention of the 1972 action film of the same name — I’m never looking in a mirror again. It looks like there are more ways to die in this film than in a Choose Your Own Adventure book. See video embedded after the jump!

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