Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark seems like a lunatic proposal– are any fanbases more distant than comic book geeks and Broadway mavens? At best, it could have been a Shrek: The Musical!-style cash grab. But director Julie Taymor is known for dementedly twisted theatrical visions. Also, Bono and the Edge are writing the music, and there aren’t any iPods in sight! (I don’t even think Bono knows who Spider-Man is. I’m convinced that the Edge just told him they were writing a musical about Abraham Lincoln or Jesus or something.) Now, Annie Leibovitz has taken some photos for Vogue of the cast and set, which seem to confirm that this might very well be the most bizarre take on the Spider-Man mythos ever. (Crazier than Spider-Man: 2099. Crazier than that time Peter Parker went crazy and didn’t take off his costume for five months.)

Just how insane are we talking about? Cripes, look at that picture up there! The Green Goblin looks like an actual flying goblin, Mary Jane is dressed completely in red, and the overall aesthetic suggests Hieronymus Bosch crossed with a Pink Floyd album cover. Other pictures introduce a bizarre metallic villain named Swiss Miss (purely invented for the musical). These pictures make me wish that I was still a kid, so I could go see Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark and have nightmares about it for the rest of my life.

PopWatchers, have these pics made you more excited for Turn Off the Dark? I’m pretty stoked to see that Taymor is so set on putting her own spin on the material. (Although… Swiss Miss?)

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