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Image Credit: Ron P. Jaffe/FoxLast night’s How I Met Your Mother featured the long-awaited return of Robin Sparkles, this time with her former sidekick Jessica Glitter (played by Pussycat Doll/Dancing With the Stars winner Nicole Scherzinger). It also introduced a strange angle to the Robin Sparkles backstory: Her Canadian kids’ show was super porn-y back in the day. A big bowl of pornflakes, as Barney put it. What happened to the blissful innocence of “Let’s Go To the Mall”? I just don’t think the beaver song is a worthy successor to that or to “Sandcastles in the Sand.” Sigh.

But all was not lost! Because last night contained the best Neil Patrick Harris/Barney moment in I don’t know how long: rattling off the list of reality show farewell lines. I could listen to him say “sashay away” pretty much forever.

What’d you think of Jessica Glitter, PopWatchers? Did you think the porn jokes were just kind of cheap, or were you enjoying the pornucopia? And what was your favorite obscure reality show getting an adios line in Barney’s speech?

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