By Jeff Labrecque
November 16, 2010 at 08:35 PM EST

LaRhonda Darby, an overweight contestant for ABC’s upcoming reality show, Obese, was hospitalized over the weekend for being dehydrated, TMZ first reported. In a statement, the show’s company, 3Ball Productions said, “LaRhonda Darby experienced some mild dehydration as a result of medication prescribed for reasons unrelated to her weight loss, and sought medical attention where she received fluids and was released and able to resume her workouts and weight loss plan without issue. The show encourages participants to change their lives for the better in significant and responsible ways, there is no competition or cash prize incentive, and the health and well-being of our participants is our utmost concern. We’re very happy for LaRhonda’s success and look forward to continuing to work with her and document her remarkable journey.”