November 16, 2010 at 08:35 PM EST

The trailer for Matt LeBlanc’s first TV show since Joey, Showtime’s Episodes (premiering Jan. 9), gets right to the set-up: A British husband-and-wife writing team foolishly believes an American TV exec when he says he loves their award-winning show and wants to bring it across the pond as scripted. When they get to Hollywood, they find out the suit has never seen their series and the network has some suggestions — like casting Matt LeBlanc as the erudite head master of a boys boarding school. The twist — LeBlanc plays “Matt LeBlanc” — isn’t exactly rare these days, and it feels like it’s been a while since America has butchered a British show as badly as Coupling. But for me, the trailer starts clicking when we come to learn that the husband warms to LeBlanc (after LeBlanc shows him his penis, “It’s enormous, like a sea creature, like something of Jules Verne”) and the wife thinks he’s an infant. That LeBlanc will drive a wedge between the couple as he’s ruining their show — that’s fun! Watch the trailer below. Does it look like a hit? At least something that will keep talk shows from making fun of him? Tell me you didn’t miss the look LeBlanc flashes right at the end.

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Matt LeBlanc, silver fox? I am so old.

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