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Studies have shown that Hidden Gems of the Week,’s collection of reader-submitted ridiculata, is the best way to enjoy Dancing With the Stars without ever having to turn it on. It’s a visual feast of sparkles, fringe, and flesh. Ready to go down the rabbit hole? Behold this bountiful smattering of Visible Gems!

MVG (MOST VALUABLE GEM): The boy is…Jamie Lee Curtis’?!

“Brandy got a standing O from Monica…I guess their heated ‘The Boy Is Mine’ rivalry of years ago is over. They were frenemies for years!” —CoolWhipLite, endorsed by Lorie, Riley, clandrith, bamagirl, neetsie2000, jury’s out, dj, gigi, Manda

“Enthusiastic Activia Lady gave Monica a b**** glare with just the slightest hint of a forced smile.” —Stephanie, endorsed by Anonymous

“After Kyle and Lacey’s first dance, Brooke said, ‘We’ve all been watching you…’ and the Celebriquarium was empty! ” —Addison, endorsed by Enthusiastic Comment Lady

“Was Kyle wearing Theo Huxtable’s Gordon Gartrelle knock-off that Denise tried to recreate after Cliff made him take it back because it was so expensive?” —Elizabeth, endorsed by kfran, melissa

“The pictures of Kyle as a kid (or as an even younger kid, I should say). Gems, all of them, but – the one where he’s in white, he’s doing the little ‘come on!’ move with his hand, just like he did coming down the stairs during his samba solo!” —JH

“Enthusiastic Chimes Lady in da House with her buddy Enthusiastic Uncapped Bongo Player and Impeccably Manicured Trumpeter. Doesn’t get better than that!” —LAG Award Winner, endorsed by LMO, Hez, Manda, glenn, tkemoses

“Before Maks and Brandy’s dance, ECL was air boxing! ABCL?” —iggy, endorsed by Andi

“Lacey was dazedly trying to sing along with the theme song.” —melissa, endorsed by Potato Bug, LAG Award Winner

“Not all that hidden, but what was up with Mark and Derek loosening up like they were about to compete in sprints? What happened to cheesy swaying and bouncing to the music while waving shamelessly at the camera?” —Riley

“The way Carrie Ann was talking with her hands, it looked like she was elbowing the male ‘head’ sitting on the desk in the face.” —LL, LDS, iggy

“Doesn’t the man in full white at Bruno’s left know it’s past Labor Day?” —Xorp, avab, orville, LAG Award Winner, Luna, ice castle

“During their paso rehearsal clip, Maks channeled Phil Keoghan from The Amazing Race and showed us his ‘Browsie.'” —LAG Award Winner

“Gem nomination: The reappearance of the lamp post prop in Maks and Brandy’s Argentine tango that was also used in Maks and Joanna Krupa’s from season 9.” —Adriana

“Further evidence of Tea Party plot to keep Bristol dancing: Newt Gingrich look-a-like sitting to the left of Bruno” —MLM, endorsed by jt

“Someone clapping with glowing hands behind the judges” —Anna, endorsed by ChaCha

Ball Room Hero (got stars in his eyes…): “Tom kissing Brandy on her cheek while Maks was hugging her from behind. ♥” —Time For Bristol To Go

“Derek blowing on Jennifer’s boob. I know he was going for the feathered fringe, but it didn’t really look that way!” —AR, endorsed by KWo, Katja, Jenn, JH, Rebecca, @mcdeallover, Tracy, KC

“For the second week in a row, Jennifer Grey’s husband, Clark Gregg, did not applaud after Bristol’s dance. This week he stood clasping his hands, next to Jamie Lee Curtis who WAS clapping for Bristol & Mark’s waltz.” —Mgssoprano, endorsed by DWTS’ BIGGEST FAN

“Jennifer Grey’s husband spazzing out while she danced the cha cha!” —Katie, endorsed by karolina, IAA Jennifer, WishIWasAHalpert, Jenn

“He’s a hidden JIM!” —sparkles, endorsed by JH, j, Chappel, AR, CoolWhipLite, Jillibean, Manda, Ysabel, Cricket, BP, Care, Enthusiastic Comment Lady, MLM

“When Jamie Lee Curtis had her hands over her mouth, it looked like she either saw Michael Myers in the audience or that she had eaten too much Activia!” —Baby’s Corner, endorsed by Patrycja

“The sparkle clip in Jennifer’s hair during her waltz looked like one half of a banana clip and her hair was styled almost as bad as if it was an actual banana clip!” —KelbelDance, endorsed by Allison, Amy in Pittsburgh

“I do believe I detected Mark’s nails painted with my favorite shade of late – Wicked, similar it is to Midnight in Moscow and Lincoln Park After Dark.” —DNCMSTR Dee, mother of’s Fringe Fairy (and the source of my crazy gem-hunting gene has been revealed…liiiiiiiiive!), endorsed by JH, orville, Al, queue55, JH, Amanda, CoolWhipLite, Jules, hillchics, melissa

“Benji Schwimmer buried deep in the crowd after Bristol’s second dance (right before the close-up of Sarah).” —Potato Bug, endorsed by tango2, orville

“Phil Donahue is hangin’ out behind Mama Grizzly!” —LDS

“Mark seemed to be a little teary-eyed right at the end. I think he was about to cry because they made him wear a shirt!” —VK, endorsed by mia, Paul, Mo, First-Time Gem Hunter

“Mr. Wheeler behind Tom slowly turning and smiling at the camera” —j

“I THINK TOM GOT A HAIRCUT #ineedalife” —Manda

“LOL I kind of thought Tom got a haircut too.” —Katja

“OMG I thought the same thing! It’s as if he is BEGGING the gem hunters to give him props! You don’t need to beg, Tom…we LOVE YOU just the way you are!” —Amy in Pittsburgh

LIFE-AFFIRMING GEM (LAG): Soooooo jaunty!

Hidden Gem enthusiast Tom Bergeron did a jaunty little Charlie Chaplin walk right when they came back from commercial before Kyle’s intro (I see you Tom! That was just for us, right??) —JH, endorsed by Enthusiastic Comment Lady, Elizabeth, Annie, tkemoses, Kristie D

Don’t think we missed this, either.

Thank you, DNCMSTRs one and all, for your fabulous submissions!

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