By Lynette Rice
Updated November 16, 2010 at 06:04 PM EST
Credit: Scott Garfield/ABC; Tatiana Beller/PR Photos
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Image Credit: Scott Garfield/ABC; Tatiana Beller/PR PhotosThe Walker Family better get ready for some fireworks! EW has learned that when Balthazar Getty’s Tommy returns home for the show’s 100th episode in January, he’ll bring along a feisty new lady love named Rose. She’s played by the gorgeous Cara Buono, best known for her depiction of Faye Miller in Mad Men.

“She is a hot-headed Italian, and I come home after having been gone for a while,” Getty told EW while attending a red carpet event earlier last weekend. “We’ve all been there, right?”

Getty and Buono are expected to appear in at least three episodes this season, with the possibility of more. Getty’s been missing in action this year; viewers are supposed to think his character has been up in Seattle to be closer to his daughter. The actor returns to the drama’s Los Angeles set today. “We have something really funny in store,” said Getty. “I told them, if I come back, let’s do something big. Let’s do something fun.”

So what excites Getty most about returning to the ABC drama? “Just to bully Matthew [Rhys] and Dave [Annable] probably. To try to distract them while they’re acting.” – With additional reporting from Nicholas White

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