By Kate Ward
November 15, 2010 at 07:40 PM EST

Jake Gyllenhaal is sexy. Anne Hathaway is sexy. Everything about Love and Other Drugs‘ numerous trailers is sexy, and, aarrrrrghhh, I so am not. Fox 2000’s quest to make us all feel genetically inferior continues today with its release of a new red-brand trailer for the Nov. 24 romantic dramedy — directed by Edward Zwick — about a Viagra salesman-slash-ladies’ man (Gyllenhaal) who falls for the one woman not quick to fall for him (Hathaway). The spot is decidedly more Apatow-esque than the previous trailers, amping up the raunch and schlubby-funny-best-pal (Josh Gad) factors. I could take or leave the cheesy three-way speak (“She’s Jamie-curious. So am I.” NO ONE EVER TALKS LIKE THAT), but I’m digging that the Gyllenhaal-Hathaway chemistry feels realistic and relatable, regardless of how ridiculously good-looking the two actors are. Watch the NSFW trailer after the jump! Okay, now back to avoiding mirrors all day today.

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